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Our Wednesday Forum series continues!

Housing Futures!


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Free to all

18:00 for 18:30   The Maddermarket Theatre Norwich

The world forecast seems to be that ‘work’ will become scarce, with unemployment spreading up through socie- ties as a result of technological progress and the redun- dancy of old skills. Some writers reckon this is the next real big problem and a bigger one than climate change. Increasingly a rental market, housing is a measure and a mirror of the age and in appropriate form and in required places, its provison often inadequate, or inaccessible and a mismatch.


So as architects, we’ll cut to the quick and open our discussion with a brief presentation of a basis for a new vision, a fresh Utopia: garnered from centuries of change, progress and now, some might say, a retreat from ideals, that seeks little comfort in nostalgia, historicism and the sentimental.


Can we outline an achievable vision for these in- creasingly ill-tempered times?